Thank you, Teachers.

Most students are in school since the age of five. I am no exception. I remember my first teacher who taught me the essential skills that we all need, but I never had the opportunity to say “thank you” because at the age of five all I wanted to do was play, eat, and sleep. However, because of that teacher, I learned how to read and write. Teachers are like undercover superheroes. As students, we never really acknowledge all the sacrifices they make. They spend most of their time preparing and thinking about how they will teach their lessons. As students, we forget teachers are humans too, but all of them put a smile on their faces, and do the best they can. There are all types of students that teachers learn to deal with. Even when we act like we do not care, our teachers do not give up.

Some subjects are very difficult, like chemistry. One night my friends and I had a really challenging time doing stoichiometry calculations, but our teacher decided to help us late into the evening in a Google Meet call. Another challenging subject is math and I admire all math teachers (or anyone who teaches anything related to mathematics) because they are brilliant! They are able to make complex problems sound simple. My fourth-grade teacher once told me: “math has many ways to solve, just like life, you need to take it one step at a time” and my Algebra 2 teacher always reminds me that “it is better to know what you are doing rather than following a bunch of steps.” When math teachers are teaching in the classroom, it is as if they are fairies with magic, enlightening us with skills that we need for math and in life. Others have the patience to get to know their students on a deeper level, understanding when they are at their best and worst. One example is my ESL teacher who helped me adapt to a new culture while teaching me a new language. These teachers know that their students can achieve and do not see language or other obstacles as barriers.

If we think about it, teachers teach the ones who are fighting to make justice (lawyers), the ones that cure people (doctors), the ones that improve technology, presidents, business owners, and more. A teacher is the coach that inspires students to become anything they want to be. Teachers bring awareness to our lives, as the world we live in is not perfect. Teachers actually believe in us that we can make a change. Many of us have had at one point in our life a wonderful teacher. In a way, teachers are the ones that help create the future.

During these difficult times, teachers are still working hard. Everyone in my school district continues working on figuring out what is best for students. District leaders and principals keep everything under control. Teachers keep providing us with lessons and believe in us. It wasn’t until COVID-19 school closures that I realized that I did not tell my high school teachers how grateful I am for them. So, I want to say thank you because you do not give up on me, even when I gave up on myself. My teachers at my high school are always finding ways to communicate with us. They never stop doing their job and continue trying their best. They encourage me to make a change in the community using my creativity. I know this week is dedicated for teacher appreciation, but I think teachers do not deserve just one week to celebrate them; they deserve to be appreciated all the time.

Thank you to all the teachers, principals, staff members from all of Santa Ana Unified School District. If you are reading this and you are a teacher or in education, thank you because you help shape our lives.

Written by Alexies B., a junior at Círculos High School

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